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"A Wise, Prudent Investment for Your Next Home"

"A Wise, Prudent Investment for Your Next Home"

"A Wise, Prudent Investment for Your Next Home" "A Wise, Prudent Investment for Your Next Home"

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   I would recommend Russ Sage to do a home inspection to anyone in need. He was very thorough and helpful through the entire process. The report I received when all was said and done was very detailed an provided photos of any concerns. I would highly recommend him if you need a home inspection done right!

Alyssa Sheneman

  Russ is very detailed in giving great inspections. Russ also can recommend other professionals to help sell your home. 

Jeff Detrick

  I couldn't hire Russ and his company to do our inspection because of the timing and scheduling of our needs.  But while we were in the discussion stage of planning the inspection, Russ went to great lengths to make things easier for me.  He secured pages of documents from county agencies well-ahead of the proposed inspection, and when the timing fell through he emailed me all of these very helpful, information-rich documents.  He didn't have to keep helping me even after he knew I couldn't hire him, but he kept helping me anyway!  He's obviously a kind, considerate, and class act.  Thanks, Russ! 

Jim Keller

 Russ from A “Sage” Home Inspection came recommended to us by a family friend so we were pretty confident that the inspection would be professional and detailed.  Since this was our first home purchase trying to find a quality home inspector seemed a little overwhelming, but the great referral is the reason we chose your company.   

 From the moment we made the call to your company, Russ was professional, friendly, and prompt in helping us schedule our inspection.  In fact, we were able to schedule it for the very next morning which was so helpful since my husband and I have conflicting schedules.  When we arrived at our new home to be, Russ had already inspected the outside of the home and was able to take us around and show us everything he had found that might be a concern.  When we continued the inspection on the inside of the home, Russ answered all of our questions and/or referred us to people who would know more detailed  answers for us.  He not only made us aware of potential problems, but educated us on proper maintenance water softener, water heater, well, etc.  He also helped us address things that were of more importance than others since it can be an overwhelming experience.   

 Russ found 2 potentially major concerns with our home that we were able to address 

before we purchased  it…saving us a lot of time and money!!  He also found some information for me after our inspection on the use and cleaning of wells that was above and beyond what I expected from him. We felt confident purchasing our new home and would absolutely recommend A “Sage” Home Inspection Service to anyone in need of a quality home inspection! 

  Thank you,
Keree & Scott Hayden 


  Russ was extremely professional throughout the inspection.  We felt that we were being well cared for and if there were any problems with the house we were purchasing Russ would be able to find them.  
   We are both very new to septic systems, as we have both lived with sewers our entire lives.  We had many questions about the septic and sump pump systems, both in terms of the inspection as well as care after purchase.  Russ was very knowledgeable with all of our questions and as a result we feel confident that we will be able to keep healthy septic and sump pump systems.    

  We were also able to make a quick and easy appointment that was convenient for our work schedules.  We cannot easily leave throughout the work day, and Russ worked out a good time with us where he would have adequate day light to inspect the outside of the property as well as allow us to be there to ask questions.   

  We feel very happy with the inspection of our new home.  Russ was so incredibly thorough that we cannot imagine that anything could have been missed.  After his inspection, we felt very comfortable with our purchase agreement.  Buying this house was the first step towards us starting a family and we feel we are going to be able to raise our children in a safe and secure environment.  

   Thanks Russ for all of your help and good work! 

  Tammy & Joe Maichrye   

  If you are looking for a home inspector, Russ Sage is the professional you want to hire.  He will give you a thorough home inspection at a fair price.  Russ is honest and straight forward.  I had him inspect a home I was purchasing as an investment and I am so glad I did.  Russ saw issues with the home that I had overlooked.  I will have Russ inspect every home before I purchase.  Update 7/15 - He just inspected a home my daughter was going to buy and found mold issues in the attic. Sure glad he found it so we could withdraw our offer!  Andrea Reedy
Used Russ on another home before purchasing.  He gave me a "book" with all the issues including photos and his assessment.  I just handed that over to my contractor who fixed all the issues.  i still purchased the home but was able to use the issues Russ found to negotiate the purchase price.  Great pre-purchase investment! 

 Andrea Reedy

  Your expertise was greatly appreciated at this stressful time in my negotiations to purchase the house. I felt that all of the flaws and all of the assets were revealed to me in a professional, thorough manner which greatly aided in my decision to purchase the property. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others and, should you choose, you can add me to your list of references.
Once again, thank you for your expert services. 

 Patricia Sather

 Russ Sage earned our highest recommendation as a home inspector. He was organized and thorough and had great expertise.  He explained everything while he inspected and I took notes. I can use his home inspection report for my project list. He explains why some repairs are need to have, and some are nice to have.
In addition to the home inspection, he is a excellent source for referrals of contractors he knows and trust for  home repair or modification needs - plumbing, painting, Radon, termite, garage doors, remodeling, flooring, electrical work, loan financing, fencing, lawn mowers, etc. He only recommends people who have proven competence and integrity.
We have been very satisfied with everyone he has recommended.
Betty Riegger
Cheryl Riegger-Krugh 

  We hired Russ to come out and inspect our home for condition, maintenance needed and future repairs.  He very thoroughly inspected it, evaluated the mechanical systems, and insulation in addition to so many other items.  We discovered an insulation problem over the garage, which we were able to resolve without much expense as he also suggested a good insulation company.  While his inspection was quite lengthy, it did give us valuable insight on future maintenance and repairs we may be needing.  His fee seemed in line and he refused to be interrupted by phone calls while doing our job.  I would highly recommend him to anyone buying a house or even selling a house to see what the homeowner may want to resolve before a buyer looks it over. 

Robert Gillingham II


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