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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Why do I need a home inspection?
Answer:  A home is a major investment for most people.  It is expensive to buy and can be very expensive to repair.  It also needs to be safe.  To protect your investment and safety, many organizations recommend that you have a thorough inspection before buying any property.  Our inspections, lasting from 2 to 4 hours, are very thorough, independent evaluations of the property’s condition.  The cost of an inspection is a small fraction of the cost of the property or of a major repair. 

Question:  My new home had a code inspection.  Is there a difference between a code inspection and a home inspection?

Answer:  Yes.  There is a difference.  A code inspection is to insure compliance with governmental and nongovernmental codes or regulations.  Building codes and regulation vary by time and geographic location.  A code inspection is typically a three phase inspection. The 1st inspection will look at the footings and sometimes the foundation walls, the 2nd inspection reviews basic mechanicals and framing, the 3rd inspection is a walkthrough after all the finished products, carpeting, drywall, etc. are in place.  Each inspection visit lasts on average from 10-20 minutes. 

A “Sage” Home Inspection does not perform code inspections. The A “Sage” Home Inspection inspection report should not be construed as a compliance inspection of any governmental or non governmental codes or regulations.  

A typical home inspection will last 2-4 hours testing door and window operations, weather-stripping, polarity in outlets, water volume, heating and air conditioning operations and more.  It is a much more detailed inspection. 


Question:  How much does a home inspection cost?
Answer:  Our inspection fees are based on property size, age, and location.  Our licensing, insurance, continuing education, computers, follow up service and membership in professional organizations increase the price, but more greatly increase the quality and value of the inspection you receive.  Buying or building a home is a major expense for most people. The home is a major investment for most people. The inspection cost is a small fraction of the cost of the home or of the cost of major repairs.  Protect yourself and your investment with a home inspection. We take a third party view of your next home.


Question:  Does Professional Home Inspection check for evidence of termites? 
Answer:  We inspect for any visual structural damage caused by insects, organisms such as decay, or any other cause. We do not make the determination if insect infestation is active.  We do not issue termite letters for lender purposes.  We recommend a wood destroying insect/ wood destroying organism inspection by a licensed and insured WDI/WDO professional along with a home inspection.  We do offer this add-on service through one of our partners and will arrange for it to be done at the same time as our general home inspection. Some lenders require a termite letter.


Question:  Does a Professional Home Inspection check for mold? 
Answer:  A “Sage” Home Inspection does not perform mold testing. We inspect for visual signs of mildew, or as we define: “Mold like substances” but do not make the determination of mold extent or exposure level.  Proper mold testing is a specialized service requiring special education, training and equipment (surface sampling, interior wall sampling, microscopes, etc). Mold inspections and evaluations are best performed by professionally trained and licensed companies specializing in that area. We can refer you to a local company to contact for mold evaluations.


 Question:  I would like to attend the inspection.  Is this OK?
Answer:  A definite YES.  We encourage all customers to attend our inspections.  We consider our inspections to be educational sessions for our customers.  We recommend that you attend the entire inspection, if possible.  If you cannot attend the entire 3+ hour inspection, we recommend that you come at the end to receive a summary from your inspector.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge and customer service.  Please see our testimonial page.


Question:  I work until 3:30-4:00PM but I would like to attend the entire inspection. 
Answer:  We will always try to accommodate your schedule whenever possible. We work from sun up to sun down. As long as we can get 30-45 minutes of daylight to inspect the exterior, we can usually finish the interior after sunset. (especially during Winter time)  If you cannot attend the entire inspection, the inspector can summarize his findings with you at the end of the inspection.  He will ensure that you comprehend and understand all property inspection items. 


Question:   Can you make repairs for me?
Answer: No.  We are independent of any financial interest in the purchase, sale, closing, repair or maintenance of any subject properties.  We can provide referrals to professionals whom we know and trust that can help you with repairs.  We do not receive any compensation for referrals.  We provide referrals only to professionals who have a reputation for providing high quality work and customer service.  We consider providing good referral sources to be part of our customer service.


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